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Real-Estate Photography/Video

Our basic photography packages deliver high quality, high resolution pictures, formatted for the MLS, showcasing the best features of a property. Each picture will be thoughtfully composed.

Our upgrade packages take the process much further, incorporating a high dynamic range (HDR) process that enhances both shadow areas and highlights. Colors are richer, interior features have more depth, and outside views from the interior are clear. Capturing these images requires multiple exposures, which are then uploaded to our custom built computers. There, a proprietary process carefully edits each image before they are then blended together to produce extraordinary “magazine quality” results.

While most properties are served by either our basic or upgrade packages, there are some that require more. For those situations, check the custom option. After a discussion, we’ll be happy to provide a custom quote.

Pole photography. Additional pictures are taken from a 30’ pole providing a nice overhead view.

Slide show video. A short promo video suitable for Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Delivered via simple download, not email. When the work is completed we'll email you a link to where you can easily download the files - no huge emails that slow your system down. Prices are for most residential real estate. Feel free to call (708) 935-1041 or email us for prices outside our normal area, or for any other services.

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Photography Package D - Up to 30 hi-res, high dynamic range (HDR) pictures.
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For rates outside of our basic service area, or homes larger than 3000 Sq. Ft., please call (708) 935-1041

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